Ruby Lugdunum

a.k.a RULU 2012

JUNE 22-23 | Lyon, France

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Dinner & After Party!

Hey Folks!

We are very happy to invite you to the Rulu After Party & Dinner on Friday 22nd at 18h00.

The party will be held 15 minutes away walking from the conference venue in a Gourmet Restaurant & Pub called “Le Koodeta” featuring a large patio with olive trees and an outdoor bar.

The Lyon Ruby Brigade is sponsoring the dinner! Here is the menu (fr):

Rulu 2012 Dinner Menu


  • verrine minestrone de tomate au basilic
  • verrine de mousse de chèvre et ricotta aus asperges vertes
  • club sandwich aux thon
  • club sandwich aux oeufs mimosa et jambon cru
  • cake aux olives verte
  • cake provençale


  • brochette de canard aux pruneaux
  • petit boudin noir, blanc et volaille
  • rôti de porc aux pleurottes et moutarde au miel
  • beignets de calamars sauce tartare
  • accompagnements: ratatouille et riz pilaf


  • soupe d’ananas menthe poivré
  • fondant au chocolat
  • mousse de fruits rouges

And wine.

Please note that while the dinner comes with your Rulu 2012 ticket, you’ll have to pay for drinks.

A good party requires good music, so we’ve just created the collaborative playlist Rulu 2012 on Spotify. Go add music you’d like people to listen to during Rulu breaks, lunch, dinner & party! :)

See you in about a week!