Ruby Lugdunum
a.k.a Rulu 2012

Ruby Lugdunum (a.k.a Rulu) is a two-day Ruby conference happening in Lyon, France.

It features great talks, plenty of time to meet people and awesome food!

Manufacture des Tabacs (a.k.a "La Manu")

RuLu 2012 will be held in the Manufacture des Tabacs: an ancient tobacco plant converted into a university in the early 90's. Talks will take place in the large Auditorium André Malraux while the south court will be reserved to Rulu attendees to have drinks, hack and socialize.

The Manufacture des Tabacs is close by Lyon Part Dieu, the main train station of Lyon.

Thibaut Barrère Thibaut Barrère Github: @thbar Company: LoGeek
Alex Koppel Alex Koppel Github: @arsduo Company: 6Wunderkinder
Anthony Eden Anthony Eden Github: @aeden Company: DNSimple
Konstantin Haase Konstantin Haase Github: @rkh Company: Travis CI
Brandon Keepers Brandon Keepers Github: @bkeepers Company: Github
Dave Neary Dave Neary Github: @dneary Company: Red Hat
Xavier Noria Xavier Noria Github: @fxn Company: Independent
Marcin Olichwirowicz Marcin Olichwirowicz Github: @rodzyn Company: Applicake
Rogelio Samour Rogelio Samour Github: @therubymug Company: Hashrocket
Laurent Sansonetti Laurent Sansonetti Github: @lrz Company: HipByte
Thorben Schröder Thorben Schröder Github: @walski Company: Engine Yard
Piotr Solnica Piotr Solnica Github: @solnic Company: Code Benders
Roy Tomeij Roy Tomeij Github: @roytomeij Company: 80beans
Joan Wolkerstorfer Joan Wolkerstorfer Github: @joanwolk Company: Mediapeers

Le Koodeta Friday 22nd - 18:00

All Rulu attendees and speakers are invited to a Dinner & Party at Le Koodeta, a Gourmet Restaurant & Pub located 15 minutes walking from the venue. Le Koodeta features a large patio with olive trees, an outdoor bar and confy sofas. The dinner is sponsored by the Lyon Ruby Brigade... check out the menu!

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