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a.k.a RULU 2012

JUNE 22-23 | Lyon, France

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RuLu's Job Board

Here’s a readable version of the job board, enjoy!

Rulu is tomorrow!

Hello all!

Rulu 2012 starts tomorrow!

The schedule was posted last week. Breakfast will be ready around 8h30 and we’ll start at 9h15 sharp both days. So please arrive at 9h00 the latest.

Please have your ticket with you (on paper, smartphone, tablet, laptop, Comodore 64...) for registration.

30min talks followed by 30min breaks. That’s the plan. Easy peasy. And we’ll have an hour for lunch.

On the first day, we’ll move on to the Party & Dinner right after the last talk. Party & Dinner will be held at Le Koodeta, 15 min away walking from the Venue. Everybody is invited, dinner & wine is sponsored by Lyon.rb - please note that you’ll have to pay for drinks.

Also, feel free to add songs to the Spotify playlist that will be played during the party...

There will be a session of Lightning Talks on the second day - get ready for this!

On another note, on Thursday 21st, a Street Music Fest will spread all over the city. So if you are in Lyon the day before Rulu, you’ll have a great time walking around in Lyon downtown and uptown!

U TWEET? Hashtag is #rulu.

U TAKE PICTURES? Share your photos using the hashtag #rulu. They will be displayed on the Sharypic Photo Wall.

See you tomorrow!

Please welcome Alex Koppel

Our last minute speaker is Alex Koppel. Alex quickly introduced the Ruby community about this very important yet left alone subject at EuRuKo, and he will unveil more details only for us!

You can have a look at the talk’s description or wait less than 48 hours to see it live!

Send some love to Alex Coles

Sad news, Alex Coles won’t be able to join us this weekend for medical reasons.

Please send him some love.

On behalf of all us, we wish you the best Alex, and hope to see you again very soon.

Dinner & After Party!

Hey Folks!

We are very happy to invite you to the Rulu After Party & Dinner on Friday 22nd at 18h00.

The party will be held 15 minutes away walking from the conference venue in a Gourmet Restaurant & Pub called “Le Koodeta” featuring a large patio with olive trees and an outdoor bar.

The Lyon Ruby Brigade is sponsoring the dinner! Here is the menu (fr):

Rulu 2012 Dinner Menu


  • verrine minestrone de tomate au basilic
  • verrine de mousse de chèvre et ricotta aus asperges vertes
  • club sandwich aux thon
  • club sandwich aux oeufs mimosa et jambon cru
  • cake aux olives verte
  • cake provençale


  • brochette de canard aux pruneaux
  • petit boudin noir, blanc et volaille
  • rôti de porc aux pleurottes et moutarde au miel
  • beignets de calamars sauce tartare
  • accompagnements: ratatouille et riz pilaf


  • soupe d’ananas menthe poivré
  • fondant au chocolat
  • mousse de fruits rouges

And wine.

Please note that while the dinner comes with your Rulu 2012 ticket, you’ll have to pay for drinks.

A good party requires good music, so we’ve just created the collaborative playlist Rulu 2012 on Spotify. Go add music you’d like people to listen to during Rulu breaks, lunch, dinner & party! :)

See you in about a week!

RubyLive contest winner

Michael Mazurczak!

~100 people participated to the Ruby Live contest to win a VIP pass for Rulu. Michael Mazurczak will have the chance to meet Rulu staff and speakers during a private dinner organized the day before the conference. He is also be invited to the conference as a special guest.

Sorry for those expecting to win that VIP Pass. Don’t hesitate to buy your ticket now. Some are still available.

af83 Open Booth

af83, Ruby Sponsor, opens its Booth to U:

Local Ruby Group Strength is with U

As a Ruby Sponsor, af83 has the opportunity to handle a booth during the 2-day conf in the main hall. However, they only want U, Ruby Hacktivists, to handle it. Ruby is all about its community and af83 is committed to continue supporting it. So if you want to use the booth to promote your Open Source projects, hack with friends, or hire new members for your local group or association, you’ll be totally FREE to do so and will be af83 guest to the conf.

Interested? Just shout @af83 #ruluopenbooth or reach out at community at af83 dot com.

More info on RuLu 2012 Venue

Hi folks,

It’s time to inform you more precisely on how you can assist to the 2012 Edition of Ruby Lugdunum. As you already know, RuLu will be held at the Manufacture des Tabacs in the center of Lyon.

Venue address

The address of the conference entrance is

20 Rue du Professeur Rollet
69008 Lyon

The place is also known as Université Lyon 3, Jean Moulin or La Manu.

You can view the map on Google Maps.

Coming to Lyon

By plane

The closest airport is Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport (LYS), which serves most countries in the western part of Europe.

The Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) serves more destinations. One can then take the high-speed train to Lyon to come in 2 hours.

To get to the city center, take the Rhônexpress Express Tram with a guaranteed journey time of less than 30 minutes and no risk of congestion. You will arrive at Lyon Part-Dieu train station.

Access by train

Lyon is a well-connected city deserved by several high-speed trains from Paris, Marseille, Genève, Toulouse and most major french cities.

The main train station near the conference venue is Lyon Part Dieu.

Coming to the venue

Once you are in Lyon, it is quite easy to come to the conference.

Walking from Lyon Part Dieu train station

The Manufacture des tabacs is near the main train station of Lyon. From here you can come by walking approximatively 20 minutes.

Take off at Part-Dieu Vivier-Merle (in front of the mall), turn left on the Boulevard Vivier Merle and go straight on until you reach the faculty (Crossroad of Boulebard Vivier Merle, Cours Gambetta, Cours Albert Thomas)

You can view here the corresponding walk you will have to do from the Lyon Part Dieu train station to the venue entrance.

By bus from Lyon Part Dieu train station

Take off at Part-Dieu Vivier-Merle (in front of the mall) and take one of this bus line of Lyon Public Transportation Service (TCL)

  • C25 to St Priest Plaine de Saythe and take off at Manfacture des tabacs stop
  • C6 to Lycée Lumière and take off at Manfacture des tabacs stop

You can view here the corresponding walk you will have to do from the Manufacture des tabacs bus stop to the venue entrance.

By subway

The nearest subway stop is Sans Soucis. Once you get to this stop, you will have to go straight on the Cours Albert Thomas until you reach the faculty. It takes about 5 minutes from the subway station to get to La Manu.

You can view here the corresponding walk you will have to do from the subway station to the venue entrance.

The map of Public Transportation Service of Lyon is accessible right here


La Manu

The faculty is accessible to disabled people. However, the conference room contains a little podium (20cm height) and stairs to access to the top seats on the top of the room.

Public transport

All metro stations are accessible except Ampère and Croix-Paquet.

More information on the dedicated page on the website of the Lyon tourist office

Talks 2/2

I Am Rails (And So Can You!):
My experiences learning and teaching Rails
(Joan Wolkerstorfer)

I taught myself to code and went from zero to a full-time programming gig in under a year. I will discuss my story, tools for new developers, and what I’ve learned from coaching with RailsGirls, particularly what we can do to teach new programmers, with a focus on women.

RubyMotion: Ruby in your pocket
(Laurent Sansonetti)

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain for iOS development using Ruby. With RubyMotion, developers can finally write full-fledged native iOS apps in Ruby, the language you all know and love. In this session, we will cover what RubyMotion is and how easy it is to write an app with it.

Beyond the ORM (Piotr Solnica)

Ruby developers are living in the world of Active Record. No matter what ORM you’re using, it’s an implementation of the Active Record pattern. There’s been a recent discussion in our community about separating business logic from the persistence concerns. People are experimenting with different approaches but they still use an ActiveRecord ORM under the hood.

In this presentation I will give you an introduction to the development of DataMapper 2 - the first true implementation of the Data Mapper pattern in Ruby language. I will talk a little bit about ORM patterns and show you core parts of DM2 that already exist and the ones we’re going to build soon.

Improving Inter Service Communication
(Thorben Schröder)

In times when applications get more and more split up into small pieces that have to communicate with each other it’s critical to have systems in place that make this communication as trouble-free as possible. This talk covers what we did at Engine Yard to improve our inter service communication and how you can apply that to your own infrastructure.

DCI diet for your models (Marcin Olichwirowicz)

Everyone knows the rule “fat models, thin controllers”. It’s really efficient when it comes to simple applications, but when we have an enterprise application, suddenly our models seem to look a bit overweight. Actually they are fat and ugly. I want to show a few examples of using DCI architectural pattern (which is complementary to MVC pattern) with Rails as a potential solution for these problems. My personal goal is to encourage people to experiment with the code and thinking outside the box (Rails box). Start thinking through domain model, not database design, to look at Datamapper pattern and DDD concepts. However, DCI is a good start to enter this enterprise world.

Modular & reusable front-end code with HTML5, Sass and CoffeeScript (Roy Tomeij)

A lot of Ruby developers use Rails for their everyday projects. Often they toy around with front-end themselves or outsource it, ending up tangled in a web of css-all-over-the-place.

Keeping your front-end code clean is hard. Before you know it you’re suffering from CSS specificity issues and not-really-generic partials. Find out how to keep things tidy using the HTML5 document outline and modular Sass & CoffeeScript, for truly reusable code.

I know Kung Fu (or using neo4j on Rails without JRuby)!
(Rogelio Samour)

Sure graph databases are really cool and have a timestamp dated next week, but do you know when you should actually use one? Sometimes living on the bleeding edge pays off and in this talk, I’ll show you how you can simplify your application and model your data more naturally with a graph database. They are suited towards a specific problem that is actually quite common in today’s applications and they may even apply to that thing you’ll be working on during this talk!


Hey all,

I gathered a few links for hotels in walking distance from the venue:

La Manu is on the metro lines B & D so you can basically pick-up a hotel anywhere in Lyon. :)

This is Rulu 2012 Social Map - feel free to contribute!

View Rulu 2012 in a larger map.

Talks 1/2

Hi friends,

It is time to unveil the first talks of RuLu 2012!

The discount at the Park&Suites hotel and the early bird tickets are also finishing today. Register now!

Constants in Ruby (Xavier Noria)

Constants are a rich and under-documented topic in Ruby. We are going to cover them in detail, their relationship with classes and modules, nesting, resolution algorithms, dynamic API, etc. At the end of the talk we will connect the dots to explain at a high level how constant autoloading works in Ruby on Rails.

RATFT (Refactor All the F-ing Time, Anthony Eden)

You know you should be testing all the time, but do you know why you are testing all the time? One of the main benefits of testing all the time is that it lets you refactor with impunity. Unfortunately too many times we leave the “refactor” out of the red-green-refactor. In this talk I will convince you that you should be refactoring all the time and I’ll show you some of the techniques on how you can do it. With good refactoring techniques and regular refactoring even the hairiest of codebases can be tamed.

Message in a bottle (Konstantin Haase)

What does really happen when we call a method? How do the different Ruby implementations actually figure out what code to execute? What plumbing is going on under the hood to get a speedy dispatch? In this talk we will have a look at the internals of the the major Ruby implementations, focusing on their dispatch. From look-up tables and call site caches, to inlining and what on earth is invokedynamic? Fear not, all will be explained!

Transforming your data with Ruby and ActiveWarehouse-ETL (Thibaut Barrère)

This talk will introduce ActiveWarehouse-ETL, which helps you extract, transform and move your data around in Ruby. You will as well discover a sample of what people achieve in production using it since 2006.

1# Beginner guide to ActiveWarehouse-ETL

  • gem presentation (concepts etc)
  • beginner examples of data processing

2# Real-life examples

All in Ruby:

  • extracting data from a CRM to build a dimensional dashboard (business intelligence)
  • extracting and geocoding places before publishing a map on the web
  • adapting data for consumption by COBOL systems
  • cleaning and extending the CRM
  • extracting only what changed (aka Change Data Capture)

Happiness is not Choice. It is is Constraint. (Alex Coles)

There are times when we can work with the technologies we love… and there are times when we have to work with WebSphere and Oracle. The virtues of being opinionated have been extolled since the inception of Rails. Sometimes though, we can’t afford to be dogmatic. Through a mixture of philosophy and personal experiences with examples of the worst deployment environments, we’ll not only see that freedom of choice is not always the answer. On the contrary, happiness can be found when confronted with tight constraints. You will hear the essential tricks that turn constraints into Ruby happiness.

Why Our Code Smells (Brandon Keepers)

Odors are communication devices. They exist for a reason and are usually trying to tell us something.

Our code smells and it is trying to tell us what is wrong. Does a test case require a lot of setup? Maybe the code being tested is doing too much, or it is not isolated enough for the test? Does an object have an abundance of instance variables? Maybe it should be split into multiple objects? Is a view brittle? Maybe it is too tightly coupled to a model, or maybe the logic needs abstracted into an object that can be tested?

In this talk, I will walk through code from projects that I work on every day, looking for smells that indicate problems, understanding why it smells, what the smell is trying to tell us, and how to refactor it.

Rulu 2012 Speakers!


Last friday we selected 10 out of 52 proposals. While we are still gathering details on the talks, we are ready - and so freakin’ exited - to announce Rulu 2012 Speakers!

Here it comes: Rulu 2012 Sexy Speakers Wall!

Thibaut Barrère Thibaut Barrère Github: @thbar Company: LoGeek
Alex Coles Alex Coles Github: @myabc Company: Payango GmbH
Anthony Eden Anthony Eden Github: @aeden Company: DNSimple
Konstantin Haase Konstantin Haase Github: @rkh Company: Travis CI
Brandon Keepers Brandon Keepers Github: @bkeepers Company: Github
Dave Neary Dave Neary Github: @dneary Company: Neary Consulting
Xavier Noria Xavier Noria Github: @fxn Company: Independent
Marcin Olichwirowicz Marcin Olichwirowicz Github: @rodzyn Company: Applicake
Rogelio Samour Rogelio Samour Github: @therubymug Company: Hashrocket
Laurent Sansonetti Laurent Sansonetti Github: @lrz Company: HipByte
Thorben Schröder Thorben Schröder Github: @walski Company: Engine Yard
Piotr Solnica Piotr Solnica Github: @solnic Company: Code Benders
Roy Tomeij Roy Tomeij Github: @roytomeij Company: 80beans
Joan Wolkerstorfer Joan Wolkerstorfer Github: @joanwolk Company: Mediapeers

We will give you more details about each of their talk in the upcoming days, so stay tuned for the incoming announcements!

Have an awesome day!

Ruby Hero T-Shirts

Ruby Heroes deserve a costume, like any hero!

So we designed a costume for the 2012 Ruby Heroes and asked Greg Pollack to give them out at Rails Conf during the Ruby Hero Awards ceremony.

Congratulations to Konstantin Haase (rkh), Tony Arcieri (tarcieri), Yoko Harada (yokolet), Sven Fuchs (svenfuchs), Frederick Cheung (fcheung) and Eric Hodel (DrBrain). We hope you feel like the power of being a Hero when you wear your costume!

You can watch the Ruby Hero Ceremony on YouTube.

The CFP ended. Now What?

We ended the CFP last Friday night with an incredible amount of proposals.

Last year, in 2011, we received 17 proposals. This year, we’ve had 52 proposals. The team will meet this very week and we will contact everybody starting this weekend.

Thanks for your patience and for being so awesome.

Xavier Noria - Constants in Ruby

Let us introduce you to another speaker: Xavier Noria.

You probably know Xavier for being a Rails core team member since 2005, but did you know he won a Ruby Hero award in 2010, led the user group and rides a wonderful Goldwind?

He’s actually planning on riding from Barcelona to Lyon. How cool is that? :)

Xavier will present Constants in Ruby. He will go thru their usage and go deeper explaining the technical basis of constant autoloading in Rails.

So don’t miss out the remaining early bird tickets!

Accommodation - Park&Suites

We negociated a great deal at Park&Suites Prestige Lyon Part-Dieu for you all!

  • Apartment Suite Classique (Studio): €99 incl VAT. (instead of €310)
  • Apartment Suite Junior (T2): €130 incl VAT. (instead of €330)

Park&Suites Prestige Lyon Part-Dieu is located right between the train station Lyon Part Dieu and La Manu where Rulu 2012 takes places (10 minutes walking).

To reserve an apartment suite, send an email to, say that you are attending “Rulu 2012” and ask for a suite inside the court.

Hurry up! This deal will end on May 15th!

Dave Neary - The Shy Developer Syndrome

In less than two months will take place RuLu 2012. We’ve received so much love last year we decided to reiterate this year.

Our first invited speaker is Dave Neary. Dave describes himself as a “Free Software/Open Source community guy” and you probably met him:

  • he was on the board of directors of the GNOME Foundation
  • he (co-)organized the GUADEC in 2005-2007 and the first Libre Graphics Meeting (which took place in Lyon)

His keynote will be called “The Shy Developer Syndrome”. I won’t give too much details before we disclose the complete schedule.

Please note that the CFP will end on the 27th of April. At this time, the selection process has not taken place yet.